Video Shows August Alsina Leaving Tory Lanez Hanging Before Assault

Another video shared web-based on Monday shows the minutes prior to the supposed battle between Conservative Lanez and August Alsina. The R&B artist blamed the Toronto rapper for busting his lips, and he shared photographs of the injuries he got to his elbow and knees and the bloodied lip he was left with. August Alsina asserted that Conservative Lanez and his group bounced him after he wouldn’t recognize him in view of remarks he made about the artist in the midst of the Jada Pinkett-Smith relationship show the year before.

Nonetheless, Conservative Lanez rejected that he had even been around August Alsina as he guaranteed on Saturday that he was in the studio working and he was not into “negative” things.

The vocalist later blamed Lanez for spilling reports of the battle to a blog to advance himself. The new video proof not just connections Lanez to Alsina before the battle, yet it additionally seems to show the rapper acting forcefully and being egged on after Alsina disregards him.

The video shows Alsina wearing a highly contrasting plaid hoodie and a teddy bear pack on his back as he strolled beyond a horde of individuals. He is unaccompanied without security as he passes Lanez, who held his hand out obviously to welcome him.

As Alsina passes, he checks out at Lanez’s hand prior to going on about his business. The Canadian rapper, who was wearing a white shirt and a cap with demon horns, was encircled by guardians wearing dark shirts. After the R&B vocalist passed, he is seen as yet holding his hand out.

Conservative Lanez kept his hand brought up in the clasp as August Alsina strolled by, obviously frustrated that he was left hanging.

A young lady wearing red in the end comes in to warmly greet Lanez rather than Alsina.

Inside a couple of moments, Conservative and his team seem to head down the contrary path, yet they are subsequently seen heading down the path of Alsina not long after. The video has all the earmarks of being altered and incorporates Lanez and his group arising after the supposed battle when somebody inquires as to whether Lanez took out Alsina, to which he smiles and even daps an individual in festival on the exit plan.

In posts shared on Instagram, Alsina made sense of that he didn’t recognize Conservative since “I accepted he could have done without me, there’s nothing more to it.” Lanez has given a few disavowals, including a reaction he provided for DJ Akademiks on Sunday where he blamed August for lying.

“I don’t have a clue. I couldn’t say whether he is doing promotion, I don’t have a clue,” he said. Meanwhile, August shared the photographs of his wounds accordingly. “Me after a toupee’d sneak assault then, at that point, being man taken care of by buku security one profound, as the envious leprechaun run’s back off into the structure,” he said.