Victor Jemide Has Declared Wanted By The Police For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting His Four-Year-old Adopted Daughter

A 68-year-old Nigerian man distinguished as Victor Jemide has purportedly been pronounced needed by the police for supposedly physically attacking his kid embraced little girl in Delta State.

Reports accumulated has it that the suspect has been fingering and physically attacking the minor for quite a while at their home situated at 100, Yoruba Street, Sapele, Delta State.

A source uncovered that they got to be familiar with the man’s attack against the little kid after her mom found rashes and knocks on her confidential part.

The casualty upon cross examination admitted that the suspect has been fingering her.

This man has been physically attacking his youngster. We got to know when the young lady’s mom found knocks and rashes in her confidential region.

The casualty made sense of for her mom that the suspect had been attacking her,” the source uncovered.

The mother of the casualty who disclosed this has turned around and kept the law from looking for equity for her little girl and furthermore wouldn’t give the young lady a clinical assessment.

The mother guarantees that she has been told by the Ruler to pardon and never revisit about the issue, consequently she likes to stop every legitimate mediation.

She likewise said that her little girl is youthful and will disregard how has been treated her with time.

The source likewise begged the overall population to help them with data about the whereabouts of the suspect as he is presently a threat to each kid whom he approaches.