Vicki White Missing – Is He Found?

Vicki White is a prison official from Alabama who went missing while escorting an inmate to a courthouse. The inmate she was expected to escort to the courthouse is also missing. Vicki serves as the Assistant Director of Corrections.

The missing inmate was charged with capital murder. The news of the disappearance of Vicki and the inmate was shared by the Office of the Lauderdale County Sheriff on Saturday. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, US Marshals, and FBI are currently looking for Vicki and the missing inmate.

Vicki is 56-year-old and has worked with the police department for 16 years. She was assigned the task of escorting the prison inmate Casey White to a courthouse on Friday morning. Vicki and the missing inmate are not related.

The vehicle which was supposed to escort them to the court was found in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. The missing inmate was charged with the killing of Connie Ridgeway in 2015. He confessed to killing Ridgway while he was in state prison for some other crimes.

The age of the missing inmate is 38 years. According to Sheriff Singleton, Vicky and White left the detention center at around 9:41 am. She said she was escorting the inmate to a courthouse for mental health evaluation. Vicki was alone with the inmate, which is against the policy of the department.

Vicki was lying. There was no scheduled mental health evaluation of White at the courthouse that day.  Nobody in the department noticed that Vicki and White were missing until 3:30 pm. When authorities tried to call Vicky, her phone went to voicemail.

Vicki had submitted her retirement papers one day before she went missing with White. Department thinks that she may have helped White break from the prison. Sheriff Singleton thinks that regardless of Vicki’s involvement in freeing White from jail, she could be in danger.