Veteran Yoruba actor Charles Olumo Agbako cries for help over his terrible sickness

Nollywood veteran entertainer Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu a.k.a Charles Olumo Agbako has weeped for help over his horrendous affliction, which had left him in such a lot of torment.

In a new meeting with BBC News Yoruba, the 98-year-old unbelievable entertainer uncovered that his disorder began a long time back to the degree that he was raced to the emergency clinic and went through a medical procedure.

Charles Olumo likewise uncovered that the agony returned unreasonably after the medical procedure was done effectively, expressing he got back to the clinic where medications were recommended to decrease the aggravation.

Continuing on, Charles Olumo Agbako unveiled that he experienced issues pooing once more and was raced to the clinic. The specialists uncovered to him that his most memorable medical procedure was not done as expected.

Nonetheless, he uncovered that he had been on meds to diminish the aggravation and had spent a ton.

Kemi Filani reviews that Charles Olumo Agbako unequivocally cautioned his partners against crying fake tears at his entombment.

The 94-year-old artist allowed a meeting where he said, “I have told them, and I’m likewise utilizing this valuable chance to illuminate them, that no one ought to come and cry fake tears at my entombment. Assuming they do, my soul will flagellate them since when I wanted their assistance, they were mysteriously gone.

“I have been debilitated however express gratitude toward God I’m in a good place again. My disease was heart-related, and after a progression of tests, I was informed that my heart was frail, combined with the way that I frequently failed to remember things, so I was put on drugs that should be utilized to keep away from any emergency.