U.S. Rep. Sean Casten’s Family Says His Teenage Daughter Gwen Died of Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia

The group of Illinois Rep. Sean Casten said in a proclamation Friday that his 17-year-old girl, Gwen Casten, died of unexpected cardiovascular arrhythmia.

Gwen was found lethargic in her family’s Illinois home on June 13. In the family’s articulation, presented on Sean’s Instagram page, the Casten family made sense of that “in layman’s terms, she was fine, and afterward her heart quit,” adding: “We don’t have any idea what caused the arrhythmia, and probably never will.”


“Gwen was a sound 2022 young person,” the assertion read, noticing that she “ate well, worked out, got customary check-ups, experienced no conduct medical problems, and had cozy associations with loved ones.” The family said that she was completely inoculated against Coronavirus and “isolated after periodic positive, asymptomatic Coronavirus tests during the omicron wave.”

At the hour of her passing, they added, “She had recently gotten back home from a night with companions, hit the hay and didn’t awaken.”

They proceeded, “We are devastated, however we are not novel. Unexpected, unexplained cardiovascular breakdown among youthful, solid individuals is interesting yet genuine.

We are left getting a handle on at some unacceptable finish of irregular possibility.”

The family proceeded to thank the people who gave sympathies following Gwen’s demise.

“We’ve cried again over every one of your letters, messages, feasts, and blossoms, however they are valued,” they composed, adding that they are moreover “appreciative” for gifts to the Killjoys Woods North Companions of Expressive arts and Walk for Our Lives, causes that Gwen was effectively associated with.

“It is a solace to know the number of lives Gwen that contacted over her 17 years,” the assertion said.

“She had a big, gorgeous, kind, cherishing heart. What’s more, it halted, as all absolute requirement. “Not a solitary one of us know when our last heartbeat will come.

All that we can expect is that when our friends and family do pass, we will regret nothing about the time we were sufficiently fortunate to share,” it finished up.

“So embrace the people you love a little harder today. Be available in their lives. Furthermore, spread your affection somewhat farther.  Since eventually, all remaining parts.”

Sean, who was chosen in 2018, shared the insight about his girl’s demise in an explanation presented on Twitter on June 13: “today, Senator Casten’s dearest girl, Gwen (17), died.

The Casten family demands protection, and we will give no further remark during this deplorable time.” The Chicago-Tribune recently revealed that Killjoys Woods police were called to a home nearby “for a lethargic seventeen year old female,” where “specialists on call confirmed that the subject was perished.”

The Castens put out a more extended announcement on June 15 that was endorsed via Sean, his better half Kara and his other young little girl Audrey. “At the point when she returned home, she expressed goodnight to Kara and I, messaged a companion to ensure she returned home alright, and didn’t get up on Monday morning,” the representative common.

“The main thing we realize about her passing is that it was tranquil. Furthermore, the main example we can take from that is to enjoy the experiences you have with your friends and family.”

In that proclamation, Sean likewise imparted a photograph of Gwen to a message to the people who have communicated their sympathies.

“We are thankful to all who have connected with contemplations, sympathies and help.

To everything asking what they can do, we ask just that you carry on with your daily routines as Gwen experienced hers,” he composed.

“There are no words to portray the opening in your heart when a youngster dies.

Gwen was a blissful, solid, balanced young lady,” the assertion said, adding that Gwen intended to concentrate on natural science at the College of Vermont this fall.

The family’s assertion noticed that Gwen was the pioneer behind her secondary school’s Strengthening Club, which centered “on all that from firearm viciousness avoidance to natural insurance to LGBTQ allyship to coordinating People of color Matter meetings to enrolling understudies to cast a ballot.”

It proceeded: “She had the favorable luck to have a local area of old buddies, educators and family and the great insight to acknowledge the amount she owed them.

In the event that her light appeared to be without a doubt more splendid than most it was on the grounds that she was so liberal in mirroring back the light and love that so many provided for her.”

“We need reason. We need to trust in a more brilliant tomorrow,” the assertion read. “In any case, the main thing we have some control over is our present.”