TN’s Namakkal tense after fight between SC students, caste Hindu shopkeeper

Chennai, Sep 22 (IANS) Retailers in Periya Manal town on Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal region brought down their shades on Thursday after a new conflict between two Booked Station understudies and the nearby brokers affiliation boss prompted activity against the last option.

Neighborhood AIADMK pioneer and Periya Manali merchants affiliation boss Thangamani, 58, had a verbal disagreement with a transporter over uncontrollable anger. Thangamani, as indicated by the police, utilized harmful words against the transporter and the two Class 12 understudies interceded

As they asked Thangamani not to utilize oppressive words, it prompted a disagreement among them and Thangamani’s child Bhoobalan and relative Sekhar arrived at the spot and went after the understudies. Bhoobalan asked the young men to stoop down before Thangamani and to apologize.

Coming to know about this, a couple of activists of a neighborhood Dalit outfit arrived at the spot and conceded the youngsters to a clinic. Thangamani was additionally owned up to the clinic.

On getting the grievance from the two young men, nearby police charged Thangamani, his child, and relative nder the SC/ST Counteraction of Outrages Act. Police likewise documented an argument against the two young men on a protest from Thangamani, Bhoobalan, and Sekhar.

The broker, his child, and the relative are fleeing and Elachipalayam police let IANS know that an examination is on. The Periya Manal neighborhood brokers shut their shops to fight the assault on Thangamani.

Certain areas of Tamil Nadu have seen ridiculous conflicts between position Hindus and Dalits prompting the deficiency of lives and social disharmony.