TN Pollution control board begins crackdown on untreated sewage

Chennai, Sep 14 (IANS) Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has guided the locale organizations to guarantee that trucks moving untreated sewage be seized and argument enlisted against those working them.

In Tiruvallur area, nine trucks were held onto that were viewed as purging untreated sewage into water bodies as opposed to taking it to the Common Sewage Treatment Plants (STP).

Sources in the TNPCB let IANS know that in Madurai, Tiruchi, Salem, Dindigul, Virudhunagar and Chennai, a few trucks that transport untreated sewage were confined and fixed.

The TNPCB has likewise made it compulsory that even structures that are under 20000 sq ft in development region should get the assent from thr PCB to lay out and work a sewage treatment plant.

The crackdown and new order follows a few grievances got from across the express that Sewage Treatment Plants are not as expected worked and that untreated sewage was released into storm water channels, empty land and close by waterbodies prompting contamination.

The TNPCB has likewise guided every one of the private relationship to apply for seeking leeway for the Sewage Treatment Plant and the agree must be intermittently restored.

It could be noticed that the TNPCB has been getting grumblings from across the state from people and social associations in regards to the open unloading of untreated sewage this dirtying water bodies across the state l.