Tiruchi farmers lash out against TN govt over lack of procurement

Chennai, Sep 28 (IANS) The ranchers of Tiruchi locale have griped that the Tamil Nadu Common Supplies Partnership, which is the nodal organization for coordination the obtainment, has not been dynamic in securing rice bringing about weighty misfortunes.

Tiruchi area is considered as the rice bowl of the state, and the Kuruvai ranchers of the locale used to get great gets back from the yield. Notwithstanding, this time numerous ranchers and ranchers’ associations are stressed over the absence of the Immediate Acquisition Communities (DPCs).


Ranchers in the towns of Lalgudi, Sembarai, Mettupatti, and different region of the locale are stressed over the produce getting stacked up without being acquired. They claim that the Immediate Obtainment Places are not working.

The ranchers are in a Predicament circumstance as they won’t offer the yield to private substances as they don’t get the legitimate remuneration and in the event that the obtainment isn’t done either by the DPCs or confidential elements the harvests would be lost in the days to come. While DPCs give Rs 1,290 for each 60 kg pack, confidential players give just Rs 1,100 to a 60 kg sack. This prompts weighty misfortunes for the ranchers.

Subbu R., a Kuruvai rancher from Mettupatti, Tiruchi while addressing IANS said, “We don’t have any idea where we are going. There has been weighty downpour that has caused immense harm and the MeT office has proactively imparted that there would be more downpour in the days to come. The North-East storm is likewise to show up in a long time and our yield will be lost which we can’t stand to.”

The ranchers likewise said that assuming direct acquisition had started at this point, the reaping for around 500 to 600 hectares of land would have initiated.

The Tamil Nadu Common Supplies Enterprise authorities, nonetheless, let IANS know that there has not been any defer on their part and that 15 DPCs have been opened and acquirement would start in the days to come.