Thiago Silva Parents: Father Geraldo Emiliano & Mother Angela Maria

Thiago was born on September 22, 1984, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The footballer was born in irksome conditions to his mother, Angela Maria da Silva, and father, Geraldo Emiliano da Silva. At the point when Angela developed to become pregnant with Thiago, she previously had two children, a kid, and a lady.

No matter what the hardships, his mother settled to give starting to him, and he lived in neediness all through his initial years.

It’s furthermore esteem noticing that Silva grew up with David Luiz, whose mother and father have been great neighbors and partners to his family.

Each mother and father saw their children’s interest in soccer, which happened to be their unadulterated mastery.

No matter what his watchman’s confined money related resources, the competitor consistently found a strategy to play soccer and practice.

His mom and father ought to be exceptionally satisfied with him because of he’s a Brazilian talented footballer who’s notable wherever on the planet.