The Mysterious Murder Victim Known as the ‘Lady of the Dunes’ Identified After Nearly 50 Years

Nearly 50 years after her body was tracked down on the shores of Provincetown, Massachusetts, the “Lady of the Rises” murder casualty has been recognized.

In a question and answer session on Monday, FBI Boston Special Agent in Charge Joseph Bonavolonta announced the name of the homicide casualty: Ruth Marie Terry from Tennessee.

She was 37 years old at the hour of her death, according to Agent Bonavolonta.

Terry was found dead in the hills about a mile east of the Race Point Ranger station inside the Cape Cod National Seashore in Provincetown, Massachusetts on July 26, 1974, according to the FBI.

At the point when found, her body was missing hands — the authorities hypothesized this was done so fingerprints couldn’t be utilized to recognize the body – and her head was “nearly cut off from her body,” Agent Bonavolonta revealed on Monday. The FBI said the cause of death was determined to be a hit to the head that happened a long time preceding her body being discovered.

The “Lady of the Rises” was recognized using investigative genealogy.

According to the FBI, “this is a one of a kind strategy that can generate new leads for inexplicable murders, as well as assist with identifying unknown casualties.”

In the 48 years since her body was discovered, “many investigative and logical methods have either improved or been created through new advances in innovation,” Agent Bonavolonta explained.

“One of these techniques is Investigative Genealogy and combines the utilization of DNA analysis with traditional genealogy research, and historical records, to generate investigative leads for strange fierce wrongdoings,” the FBI agent continued.

He added, “Simply last week, the FBI got positive confirmation of Ruth’s personality through the genealogical examination of this infamous virus case.”

The FBI shared a portion of the information they’ve learned about Terry: she was born in Tennessee in 1936. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, spouse, and mother.

The agent said they also found that Terry had connections to California, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

Since the authorities have recognized the body of the “Lady in the Ridges,” they will focus on solving her homicide. “Investigators and analysts will direct their concentration toward conducting logical investigative advances that include learning more about her, as well as working to recognize who is responsible for her homicide,” Agent Bonavolonta promised. The FBI is asking the general population to survey Ruth’s Seeking Information Banner, and assuming anyone has any information concerning the case please contact either the Massachusetts State Police or the FBI.