Teresa Kennedy Missing – Is She Found?

Teresa Kennedy is a woman who has been missing together with her daughter Bethany Tiner for over 25 years. Recently, a podcast named Vanished talked about the missing mother-daughter pair on their show. Their discussion about the mysterious circumstances of the disappearance of Teresa Kennedy and her daughter caught people’s interest.

Police tried their best to find the missing mother-daughter pair but failed. On January 3, 1996, Kennedy wrote a surprising letter to the court. Kennedy said in the letter that she wanted her parents to get her daughter Bethany’s custody if she dies. Kennedy was born in Los Angeles. Her parents’ names are Lee Aaron and Catherine Aline Kennedy

One year later, in 1997, Kennedy and her daughter disappeared together. She did not have her daughter’s custody at the time. People have not seen either of them in the 25 years since then. People often speculate about what may have happened to the mother-daughter pair. However, most of the speculations lack any kind of sufficient evidence.

The Vanished podcast focuses on cases of people who disappeared mysteriously. They invite family members of missing people to their show and encourage them to share their stories. Recently, they invited Teresa Kennedy’s older daughter Catherine Tiner as their guest on the 336th episode of their podcast. The missing case of Kennedy and her daughter Tiner become popular on the internet after Catherine’s appearance on the podcast.

Catherine described the events surrounding the disappearance of her mother and sister on the Vanished podcast. She also said that she is still hopeful about finding her mother and sister. Catherine’s father raised her as a single parent after the curious disappearance of her mother and sister. She also shared on the podcast that she always wondered what happened to her mother and sister.