Tekno Reveals The Side Effect He Got After Staying Off Marijuana For A Day

Tekno, a.K.A. Augustine Miles Kelechi, a Nigerian singer, shared on his Instagram tale the terrible outcomes of giving up marijuana for a day.

After giving up smoking for twenty-four hours, the singer claimed that it changed into tough for him to head asleep. He went on to mention that he is making an attempt to abstain from marijuana for thirty days.


The singer of “Mufasa” added that if he succeeds in his thirty-day assignment, he will determine whether or no longer to preserve smoking.

“what’s up fellas and females? My first twenty-4 hours of now not smoking ‘cannabis, marijuana, g&g, week or whatever you decide to name it! Hmmm… It turned into a bit difficult to sleep the first night time.

“This is twenty-4 hours we did it. I am approximately to go every other twenty-four hours; I am looking to go thirty days with out smoking weed. At the cease of those thirty days, I will determine if I want to hold smoking or if I don’t need to smoke anymore however I will come returned right here to preserve you men updated.

Marijuana, additionally known as Igbo or weed, is a prohibited substance in Nigeria. Contrarily, it’s far purportedly what celebrities eat to live alive; a few claim it makes them feel top and motivates them, at the same time as others declare it’s far accountable for the achievement of their stay performances.

Despite the big use of marijuana, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) keeps searching out individuals who are cultivating, processing, trafficking, or selling it.