Teenager Latisha Frazier Death Shocked Parents: The Mystery Murder Case Unfolds

Frazier disappeared out of the blue in August 2010, leaving her family concerned.

In the months that followed, the police searched wherever for her however couldn’t find her.


The producers of Investigation Discovery’s ‘American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda: Death Capitol’ report how a conflict among Latisha and her companions prompted her homicide.

Murder: Teenager Latisha Frazier’s Death Shocked Parents
Latisha Frazier, a youngster was pounded into the ground by a gathering of folks on August 2, 2010. At the point when the 18-year-old disappeared from Washington, D.C. on August 2, 2010, her family was stunned.

She was probably a full-time worker at McDonald’s and was most recently seen leaving the eatery, just to disappear. Latisha’s way of behaving was odd, particularly given her standing as a determined laborer and trustworthy alumni of Crossland High School.

Latisha, a mother of a kid called Diamond, never spent over 24 hours without reaching her friends and family. So when her family couldn’t contact her, it was the justification behind desperation.

Frazier’s family endeavored to see as their cherished one. They obviously meandered the roads circulating out flyers, habitually ending passing vehicles, as police went down each lead that fell on their work areas, which were not many.

“She never endeavored to escape her home. She had no thought process to escape her home “Barry Campbell, Frazier’s dad, expressed.

Then, very nearly five months after Latisha disappeared, messages began showing up on her Facebook page which was loaded up with dangers.

The unidentified web-based entertainment client said that Frazier had died and that her remains may be found in Rock Creek Park.

It was only after the next year that authorities found she had been killed. In spite of the fact that Latisha’s body was rarely found, witness proof demonstrated that she was battered and gagged to death.

Johnnie Sweet And Brian Gaither’s Prison Sentence And Charges Brian Gaither, matured 23, was captured in January 2011 on an irrelevant offense. He was, nonetheless, the way to settling this secret subsequent to let specialists know that he and numerous others were engaged with Latisha Frazier’s demise.

Gaither claims he was with various people when they purportedly welcomed Latisha to a condo. The offender incorporates Anneka Nelson (16), Lanee Bell (17), Johnnie A. Sweet (17), Cinthya Proctor (18), and Laurence Hassan (22).

Hassan informed investigators that they anticipated “[teaching] her an illustration” since they guaranteed Latisha took $900 from Sweet. Sweet energized each of the five of his sidekicks, three little kids, and two men, to beat Frazier, Assistant U.S. Lawyer Chris Kavanaugh told.

Five of Sweet’s companions have in this way confessed to wrongdoings connected with Frazier’s killing, passing on only Sweet to keep up with his honesty in 2013.

Brian Gaither, 25, was condemned to 32 years in prison in March 2013 in the wake of confessing to first-degree murder.

Essentially, Cinthya Proctor and Laurence Kamal Hassan both conceded to violations going from second-degree murder to snatching. Hassan got a 18-year jail sentence and Cinthya got a 21-year sentence.

Lanee Bell, the 6th suspect, was liberated from prison following her capture. She consequently confessed to criminal snatching and was condemned to three years in jail.

Everybody except Johnnie made request deals, and Johnnie Sweet was tracked down blameworthy after a preliminary. Johnnie was sentenced for first-degree criminal homicide, first-degree planned murder, snatching, and altering physical proof in April 2013.

Johnnie was condemned to 52 years in prison in August of that very year. As per records, he is as yet confined at the United States Penitentiary, McCreary in Pine Knot, Kentucky. In 2057, he will be qualified for discharge.

Latisha Frazier Was Murdered By Six Of Her Friends La beat Frazier subsequent to baiting her back to his condo in the 1700 block of Trenton Place SE after she closed her day of work at a McDonald’s in Temple Hills, as per Kavanaugh.

When she was there, Hassan supposedly accompanied her to his room, when they all started hitting her.

Latisha evidently hollered out for them to stop, and, surprisingly, after the savage invasion halted, two of the men kicked and punched her once in a while.

As per reports, the youthful mother was as yet alive when she was bound with tape around her wrists and lower legs and set in a storage room with a pillowcase folded over her head.

At the point when she was left in obscurity, Latisha was accepted to cry. Nobody minded her until the following day when she was found dead.

Hassan expressed that the pack consented to dissect Latisha’s body in a bath, yet he requested that the remainders be eliminated from his property.

So Frazier was unloaded in junk behind the house, recovered by Waste Management, and unloaded in a Virginia landfill, where authorities think she actually lies.

A few inquiry endeavors have been completed, however it was thought 10 years prior that she was no less than 60 feet beneath the surface.