Taylor Swift Unveils Complete 13-Song ‘Midnights’ Tracklist and Confirms Lana Del Rey Collaboration

Swifties can at long last rest until Oct. 21, ideally. Taylor Quick has authoritatively declared the total 13-tune tracklist for Midnights, as she shared the impending collection’s last five melody titles on TikTok short-term Friday during her Midnights Disorder with Me series.

Among the titles is “Snow On the ocean front,” the collection’s fourth track, set to highlight a visitor appearance from Lana Del Rey, affirming bits of gossip about the pair cooperating ignited to a limited extent by a gathering selfie posted recently. Obviously, it’s a big day for devotees of both Jack Antonoff colleagues.


“It’s been truly tumultuous, and I’ve partaken in each second of it,” Quick said to describe her tracklist rollout in the last clasp, subsequent to sharing every tune through an irregular draw from a bingo confine. “Gratitude for following alongside me on this excursion. It’s been wild.”

“What keeps you up around evening time? Just a short time before Midnights (and its 13 stories) 🌌✍️,” Quick composed on Instagram after the declaration, showing the now-complete tracklist.

Quick’s Friday declaration of “Lavender Murkiness” accompanied the disclosure that the title came to her in the wake of watching an episode of Crazy people.

The track, she then implied in an Instagram cut, is apparently roused by her relationship with entertainer Joe Alwyn.

“Like my relationship for quite some time, we’ve needed to evade peculiar bits of hearsay, newspaper stuff, and we simply disregard it,” Quick said.

“Thus this melody is somewhat about the demonstration of overlooking that stuff to safeguard the genuine stuff.”

Altogether, the collection will include the tracks “Lavender Cloudiness,” “Maroon,” “Wannabe,” “Snow Near the ocean,” “You’re All alone, Youngster,” “12 PM Downpour,” “Question… ?,” “Vigilante S- – – ,” “Bejeweled,” “Maze,” “Karma,” “Sweet Nothing,” and “Driving force.”

On Sunday, Quick reported that the third tune on the collection, “Screw-up,” is what she called “one of my main tunes I’ve at any point composed.”

“This tune is a genuinely directed visit all through everything that I will quite often despise about myself,” Quick said. “We as a whole disdain things about ourselves, and it’s those parts of the things we abhorrence and like about ourselves that we need to find some peace with in the event that we will be this individual.

In this way, better believe it, I like ‘Screw-up’ a ton since I believe it’s truly legit.” While few out of every odd title accompanied a broad clarification right now, Quick has kept on sharing data on her tenth studio collection since its unexpected declaration during her video of the year acknowledgment discourse at the 2022 MTV Video Music Grants in August.

Quick shared more Midnights subtleties via online entertainment hours after the fact, alluding to the LP a “assortment of music written around midnight, an excursion through dread and good night.” “The floors we pace and the evil spirits we face,” Quick shared to Twitter.

“For us all who have thrashed around and chosen to keep the lights lit and go looking — trusting that quite possibly, when twelve o’clock rolls in, we track down ourselves.”

Obviously, Midnights is a different exertion from Quick’s mission to rerecord her initial discography. Last November, she followed up the consistently famous Dauntless (Taylor’s Adaptation) with Red (Taylor’s Variant), the rerecorded version of her 2012 record highlighting beforehand unheard new tracks “from the vault.”

It was the second rerecorded collection she delivered after music director Bike Braun procured the privileges to her index in June 2019.