Tamar Ben-Haim Is A Person. An Israeli Lady Claims A Secret Service Member Assaulted Her Before Biden’s Arrival.

A woman from Israel has blamed a US Secret Service specialist for seriously attacking her before President Joe Biden’s July 13 visit to the country. Tamar Ben-Haim talked with Fox News Digital as of late about the supposed attack. She related that as she was going home from a companion’s home, a “big man” unexpectedly showed up before her and started beating her.

As per reports, the occasion happened after 12 PM on Monday, July 11, on a notable and occupied lane in a private Jerusalem area. She was wearing earphones and inspecting her telephone at that point. “Before I realized what was happening, I felt a weighty smack across my face, and he quickly began striking me in the chest,” Ben-Haim made sense of.


The man purportedly kept on going after her “again and again,” dealing with her like a “punching sack.” He evidently didn’t stop there. Ben-Haim added that she felt more scared when she saw the man conveying a firearm in a holster. I was totally stunned, she remarked. He was so strong. I couldn’t safeguard myself the least bit. I was telling myself, “You won’t endure this.” You have arrived at the finish of your life.

Luckily, a close by observer yelled in English and “at long last figured out how to confine her assailant and salvage her from his grip” subsequent to professing to know her thought aggressor. The 30-year-old woman guaranteed she ran away from the area as fast as she could and furthermore called the neighborhood police, who advised her to get back to the scene and take photos of the specialist, which she did and provided for the police.

Ben-Haim, nonetheless, affirmed that the police at absolutely no point in the future reached her. A couple of days before Biden’s visit to Israel, she added, reports were overflowing that a delegate of the US president “was momentarily kept by Israeli specialists after a ‘actual experience’” and was expelled back to the US; in any case, she couldn’t say whether this was the individual she guaranteed had attacked her.

In any case, she in the long run educated subsequent to being reached for a meeting by Israeli TV station Arutz 13. She asserted that the news source had illuminated her that the litigant worked for the Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team and was in the country carrying out true responsibilities before Biden’s visit.

“At the point when I figured out what his identity was, I just felt more harmed and rage,” guaranteed Ben-Haim. He isn’t a road vagrant. He has battling experience. She went on by asserting that she was not reached by the US agents about the case. Israeli police told her that the man had been returned, yet they gave no different subtleties.

Ben-Haim went on by censuring the US organization, saying, “You might go to another country, beat somebody almost to death, and afterward vanish without any results. This individual isn’t a resident of an emerging country. He works for the president, and America is the world’s model. They just returned him to his beginning stage as though nothing had occurred, and they anticipate that I should continue with my life.