Sushil Modi demands sacking of Bihar minister

Patna, Sep 8 (IANS) After losing power in Bihar, BJP pioneers particularly Sushil Kumar Modi, are focusing on the decision administration in the state.

On Thursday, Sushil Kumar Modi evened out serious charges against mining pastor Ramanand Yadav and requested his end from the Nitish Kumar government. He said that Lalu and Balu (Sand) have a former relationship in Bihar.

“Ramanand Yadav is having to deal with serious penalties including coercion, arms grabbing, keeping unlawful arms and ammo and keeping taken things. He is a Bahubali pioneer having to deal with numerous penalties and is likewise reserved under the Arms Act in Patna. We have requested from CM NItish Kumar to sack him from the post of mining clergyman,” Modi said.

“Ramanand Yadav is additionally associated with unlawful mining. Because of individuals like him, previous CM Rabri Devi had got 8 pads in a single day. Lalu and Balu (Sand) have old associations in Bihar. This was one reason Lalu’s abundance expanded. Lalu Prasad has great relations with sand mafias and merchants in unlawful business,” Modi said.

“Wilderness Raj has gotten back to Bihar and one model can be refered to from two or three days prior when an individual named Santosh Kumar, who professed to take care of business of RJD Bahubali pioneer Reetlal Yadav, entered the workplace of the mining division and undermined an investigator rank official with critical results. He likewise requested a Rs 8 lakh demand from him,” Modi said.