“Super Sized Salon” Is Set To Be Released Soon On WE TV

WE Tv will present a new reality program, Super Sized Salon, to its watchers on July 29 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. The program will exhibit a completely exceptional salon for the larger measured populace. Different hefty estimated clients are shown audaciously involving each salon convenience in the video, which was taken shots at the celebrated Las Vegas-based boutique Babydoll Beauty Couture.

Season 1 of Super Sized Salon will be more than just a salon series for its audience. All things considered, the series will have riveting show including experienced beauticians in the salon. They will have a blend of individual and expert showdowns, however they should keep on offering the best support to their shoppers.


The authority rundown of the program is as per the following:Will Babydoll Beauty Couture Salon Come Together To Make Women of All Sizes Feel and Look Beautiful As Growing Tensions Cause Blow-Outs Among Stylists?

Before, the Super Sized Salon season 1 salon has likewise underscored body acknowledgment. Watchers ought to know that Babydoll Beauty Couture, the show’s included salon, has been advancing body acknowledgment starting around 2012.

The salon, which is claimed by superficial craftsman Jamie Lopez, welcomes ladies of all shapes, sizes, and tones. As indicated by a Cosmopolitan story, Jamie Lopez was tired of how the excellence business treated her diversely due to her size. Moreover, a few salons charge clients who are “overweight” an extra expense. Jamie made sense of her inspiration for beginning a body acknowledgment salon in a meeting with Yahoo Beauty:

“I was propelled by the way that there was no place in Vegas where I could have my nails or hair done that would meet my necessities as a larger size lady, and I understood the time had come to roll out certain improvements for the hefty size ladies of the globe,” she says.

Lopez tried to move the business’ story completely, which provoked her to make Babydoll Beauty Couture in Los Angeles. Besides, in 2017, she sent off another salon in Las Vegas. Moreover, the salon has a different gathering of five salon experts who will take part in the program Super Sized Salon.

It highlights Astra, called “Crazy Chunky,” who lights up her beautician group with her excited and empowering disposition, which assists them with working hopefully in the midst of a distressing conditions.

Then, at that point, there’s A-Love, the Holistic hair care master, who ordinarily keeps her workers feeling great, however nobody can get away from her rage when she freaks out. 007, Lopez’s dear companion, likewise fills in as an in-house beautician at the salon. She is extremely defensive of Lopez and succeeds at furnishing her clients with the hottest hefty size underwear and remarkable bling position.

Taj is the group’s reasonable, practical “mother bear,” a well known stylist and cosmetics craftsman. In lieu of Jamie Lopez, she is the salon administrator’s second-in-order. At last, BB is the cosmetics/lash craftsman and aesthetician who tells the truth and comes clean.

Very Sized Salon is delivered for WE television by Boat Rocker’s Matador Content, with Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin, Pam LaLima, and Sam Brown filling in as chief makers. Lauren P. Gellert and Kari McFarland act as Executive Producers for WE television. The introduction of Super Sized Salon will air on We Tv on July 29 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.