Spray Me Money Joor, You Think Say E Easy- Portable Tells Concertgoers After They Refused To Spray Him Money [

The second Nigerian craftsman Habeeb Okikiola otherwise known as Compact requested that concert attendees toss him cash at a presentation in Germany is caught in a viral video.

Remember that the croner “Zahzoo” is by and by visiting Germany and different countries. He rantingly took steps to drop a presentation in one of the recordings he shared on his virtual entertainment site.


Versatile, who talked in Yoruba, encouraged them to start showering cash before he performed. In a way that would sound natural to him: “You think say e simple make individual come Germany? Nigga splash cash jor. Alaye tewo, alaye tewo, kilo sele. I’m on a mission and I’m expressing gratitude toward God for the satisfaction of the mission! Music is my living . I’m Going spots with Akoi favors”

Elsewhere in the world, DJ Chicken, a previous partner of Habeeb “Compact” Okikiola, has offered an expression of remorse for the assertions he made about the vocalist’s better half and youngster.

Recall how DJ Chicken said he was the person who got Versatile’s better half pregnant and fathered his kid?

During an Instagram live meeting, DJ Chicken uncovered this while guaranteeing that they were having an unsanctioned romance.

In a video shared on Instagram by @wahalanetwork, Chicken, who chose to help the Zazuu star to remember the historical backdrop of their relationship, said he is the genuine dad of the vocalist’s kid.

He likewise described how he was functioning at a vehicle wash and purportedly utilized the cash to subsidize Convenient’s music profession.

Nonetheless, in a quick reaction to him, the Zazuu star requested that Chicken uncover which of his spouses he impregnated. He likewise requested that he uncover whether he is the dad of his first, second or last youngster.

The dubious artist proceeded to guarantee that individuals like Chicken are disregarding him since they need to acquire impact due to his rockstar way of life.

That’s what he said in the event that DJ Chicken wasn’t gone after by his young men again soon, he could need to provide the request.

In the wake of conveying the intimidation, Chicken has retracted, guaranteeing that he has never had a sexual relationship with the vocalist’s better half.

The DJ asserts that he is surprised that others, particularly his companion Convenient, viewed what he was talking about in a serious way.

Recall that Convenient marry Zainab Omobewaji Balogun, his heart breaker, in June 2022; she had quite recently conceived an offspring preceding the wedding.