Sooyah Bistro causes argument between BBNaija lovers

The housemates couldn’t hold back their energy after the grand entry of Sooyah Bistro into the Big Brother Naija house.

The name “Sooyah Bistro” was on each housemate’s lips that evening as they enjoyed each chomp. Sheggz needed to hold on until the following day to complete his with his old flame Bella, yet she liked to complete hers that evening.

This ignited the contention, which went on with Bella saying she favored tozo to meat. Sheggz became aggravated and told her, “You’re really wiped out in light of the fact that it’s something similar, you’re not kidding,” and that she didn’t need to pick between the two.

Tozo suya is produced using the fattier pieces of the hamburger from the cow’s back. Bella demanded that she appreciates tozo and that it is unmistakable from standard meat suya. She knows that both are viewed as hamburger, however tozo is her main thing.

Thus, observers are separated. From one viewpoint, for what reason should Sheggz address Bella as such, suggesting she’s wiped out and unwell due to suya? Connections will undoubtedly have conflicts, yet might they at any point be settled without depending on verbally abusing? Watchers are presently naming Sheggz as harmful and controlling, depicting him as a his man accomplice to submit to each bearing and guidance he gives.