Shruti Haasan’s ‘She is a Hero’ focuses on the triumphs of women

Chennai, Sep 9 (IANS) After the progress of her most memorable single ‘Edge’, entertainer vocalist Shruti Haasan has now delivered her next track named ‘She Is A Hero’.

Written, created and sung by Shruti herself, the track, which likewise includes well known rapper MC Altaf, was delivered on the entertainer’s true You Tube channel on Friday.

Remarking on the arrival of her subsequent unique track ‘She Is A Hero’, Shruti said: ” I’m so happy to at long last put out my subsequent single and that too with such gifted performers and with something that I care profoundly about being a lady myself”.

“‘She Is A Hero’ unites fluctuated specialists and a blend of classifications to focus a light on the battles and wins of ladies. A genuine melodic coordinated effort, the track unites MC Altaf’s remarkable kind of music which supplements Shruti’s vocalist lyricist energy flawlessly.

“The track has been delivered by Karan Kanchan and Karan Parikh while visual craftsman Santanu Hazarika has wore the innovative chief’s cap for this extraordinary track. Screenwriter and lyricist Niranjan Iyengar has written the extra Hindi verses as far as concerns Shruti,” said a source.

“The video of the tune highlights young ladies from the NGO Shiksha Seva Foundation, which has made this track even more extraordinary,” the source adds.