Seun Egbegbe Has Uploaded A Video Of His Reunion With His Mother After Six Years

Olajide Kareem, otherwise called Seun Egbegbe, a maker and chief for Nollywood who was viewed as at legitimate fault for extortion and condemned to six years and eight months in prison in Lagos, has transferred a video of his gathering with his mom following six years.

After supposedly getting cash under misrepresentation from something like 40 Bureaux de Change administrators more than two years somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2017, Egbegbe was put on remand on February 10. He was accused of duping the BDC administrators by saying he had naira to trade for unfamiliar cash.

Only one of the 44 counts brought against him — Count 19 — was viewed as obvious, and Egbegbe was subsequently rebuffed.

Sharing the video, Seun said thanks to God and communicated that he was so glad to meet her.

In the video, the mother and child were seen embracing each other as the two of them cried.

Nigerians respond Responding to the video, one Halima stated, “Avoid wrongdoing”

One Sandyprenuer stated, “Awwn..she did that little cuddle on his cheeks.🥺 A mother’s adoration is so unadulterated.”

One _deagram stated, “He will currently esteem opportunity more than anything. Opportunity is the main thing individuals can have.”

One more stated, “Opportunity is incredibly underated 😢😢, an extremely sharp supplication nothing comes our direction that will make them take our opportunity away😢”

One Sauceprince1 expressed, “Opportunity finally. Do moms cherish their youngsters? No joke, it’s the most certified thing you will at any point insight, same as FATHERS.

May God reward our folks for their ongoing source of both blessing and pain. What’s more, may they not be missing when we begin to WIN.”

Mr_dbbk stated, “He is presently a big name and camera catches every one of his means, we praise trash and I think to this end many individuals maintain that should do dreadful things to get to the media quickly, terrible things sell better here”

How Seun Egbegbe was delivered Kemi FIlani News before announced that since he had previously served six years and eight months in confinement, the appointed authority requested his delivery. The 45-year-old disputable figure in the Yoruba film industry was charged by the police for supposed extortion including N39m; $90,000 and £12,550, N39,098,100, separately.

Egbegbe, who once oversaw Fuji specialists, Rib Ayinde, also known as Tekoma and Wasiu Alabi, also known as Pasuma, was blamed for swindling the BDC administrators.

Sadly, the producer who supported the development of a few Yoruba films under his Midnight Movies Creations engrave had been not able to satisfy the bail conditions over three years later.

The previous convict was at first accused of 36 counts of supposed Advance Charge extortion on February 10, 2017, preceding Equity Oluremi Oguntoyinbo.

Afterward, Lawal Kareem, Olalekan Yusuf, and Muyideen Shoyombo joined the pair on a 44-count allegation.

On Tuesday, notwithstanding, the court delivered Egbegbe in the wake of viewing him to be liable of only one of the 44 violations brought against him.

43 of the 44 count charges, as per Equity Oguntoyinbo, were excused on the grounds that there weren’t an adequate number of observers to back up the claims.

Moreover, the adjudicator held that the arraigning group bombed in the obligation to furnish proof to be upheld with observers on Counts 4, 19 and 21.

The adjudicator likewise said that police messed with the cash recuperated from the suspects.

Equity Oguntoyinbo likewise decided that all the cash recuperated from Egbegbe as proof ought to be gotten back to him.