Ronnie And Beverly Barker Missing – Indiana Couple Missing in Nevada

On Tuesday, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office announced that Ronnie and Beverley Barker were no longer considered missing persons. However, they refrain from sharing further details about the conditions in which the couple was found. A family member of the Barker couple revealed that Ronnie was discovered dead and Beverly needed medical care.

Officials airlifted her to Reno for providing her medical assistance after she was found. On Tuesday, Officials in Nevada used an aerial search to locate the Barker couple. The couple hails from Indiana. They had been missing for more than a week before the launch of the aerial search.

The Office of Esmeralda Sheriff reported that the Barker couple was near U.S. Highway 95 in the east of the Sierra Nevada desert on March 27. The information was inferred from analyzing their cellphone data. Ronnie was 72 years old, and his wife Beverly was 69.

Lt. Col. Anthony Gorss said that four CAP aircraft and several law enforcement teams were involved in the aerial search mission conducted on Tuesday. He also said that the aerial search operation would have continued on Wednesday if the couple was not found.

Tuesday’s search to find the Barker couple mainly focused on the areas around highways and off-road trails. The couple had gone on a cross-country trip last month and was scheduled to arrive at their home in Indianapolis this week. They were sound when they left Albany, Oregon, on March 27. They had planned to re-unite on March 29 with their friends in Tucson, Arizona.