Rapper, Other Man Convicted of Killing of 9-Year-Old N.C. Boy Who Was Riding in Car to Get a Snow Cone

Two North Carolina men realized for this present week that they’ll use whatever remains of their lives in government jail for the 2019 killing of 9-year-old Z’yon Individual, Individuals affirms.

As per an assertion from the Branch of Equity, the lifelong incarcerations were dispensed Tuesday to 27-year-old Antonio Nathaniel Davenport, Jr., and Derrick Lamont Dixon, Jr., 30.


According to both, the proclamation, were individuals from the Eight Three pointer Hoodlum Crips criminal road pack.

“Davenport was likewise an individual from the Durham-based rap music bunch ’83 Infants,’ so named for the ‘Eight Three pointer’ Hoodlum Crips,” the assertion proceeds.

“The rap bunch advanced the pack, rapping about posse life, firearm savagery, and medication dissemination.”

The assertion charges that Z’yon was killed when Davenport — looking for vengeance against an opponent pack, whose individuals had attacked him days sooner — mixed up the vehicle he was being driven in for the vehicle possessed by one of his assailants. At the hour of his homicide, Z’yon was riding in his auntie’s vehicle with four different youngsters in North Durham.

Each of the six were headed to get cups of shaved ice, the assertion says.

“Davenport followed the vehicle down Leon Road to the crossing point at North Duke Road and eased back as he passed,” makes sense of the assertion.

“He and Dixon started shooting at the vehicle, releasing somewhere around five 9mm rounds and seventeen .40 type adjusts, raising a ruckus around town on different occasions.”

Two slugs struck Z’yon in the head, in a split second killing him.

Z’yon’s 8-year-old cousin, who was situated close to him, was additionally struck by gunfire in the arm.

“At that point, Davenport was wearing a court-requested lower leg screen in light of forthcoming abusive behavior at home charges,” the assertion adds.

The area information set him at the homicide scene, as well as at Dixon’s home when the shooting.

“A reconnaissance camera at a center school caught Davenport’s Honda as it followed the casualties’ vehicle quickly preceding the shooting,” the assertion notes.

“Soon after the homicide, Davenport paid to have his vehicle painted dark.

Specialists recuperated a 9mm handgun from Davenport’s sweetheart’s vehicle, and measurable guns assessment connected the handgun to the homicide.”

Dixon confessed on May 11, 2021, to connivance to participate in demonstrations of racketeering and commission of a rough wrongdoing that is murder in help of racketeering.

A jury viewed Davenport to be blameworthy on government murder, firearm, and racketeering charges in July. “Numerous Durham Region occupants have shouted out for equity for this situation since the silly and unfortunate homicide of Z’yon Individual occurred in 2019,” said Durham District Sheriff Clarence Birkhead in a proclamation.

“We are right here, after three years, and a fair consequence has been given — with the intercession of government specialists to charge, effectively indict, and sentence both Antonio Davenport and Derrick Dixon,” he added.

“It conveys an unmistakable message to the people who keep committing the firearm viciousness threatening our networks — we will recognize you, and you will be considered responsible.”