Rajjo: Manorama to separate Arjun and Rajjo!

Star In addition to’s day to day cleanser Rajjo is preparing for additional show with Rajjo and Manorama leaving Thakur’s chateau.

In the ongoing story, it’s seen that Madhu sends Rajjo and Manorama out of the house and shuts the way to forestall Arjun and Rajjo having a discussion. Arjun is tragically sitting in his room cap he didn’t see him before her flight. He becomes cheerful when Rajjo gets into his room through the gallery.


Rajjo says that she can’t leave without meeting him. She expresses gratitude toward Arjun as far as his assistance and his might be concerned. Arjun gets some information about Rajjo being compelled to wed Vicky when she needs to live in Lucknow and work. Rajjo expresses that interestingly she contended with her mother over this, yet in the end her desires got crushed before her mother’s desires, as nobody can adore her however much mother cherishes her.

She says that she ought to consider Manorama consenting to remain around here as her half triumph and be blissful. Rajjo becomes close to home when now is the ideal time to leave. She embraces him firmly.

Arjun embraces her back, controlling his tears. Afterward, Arjun is laying his head on Madhu’s lap and is miserable pondering Rajjo. He hears two people discussing Vicky driving the vehicle wildly and hurries to track down Rajjo.

In the impending episode, it will be seen that Manorama will detect Arjun and Rajjo’s affections for one another. She will define a boundary between them. Manorama will say how different Arjun and Rajjo’s universes are.

She will express that there can’t be some other connection among chief and specialist than expert and worker. She will differentiate between a rich and needy individual and won’t that Rajjo and Arjun can ever walk, be, or remain together. She will say that their gathering was a mishap, their partition is their destiny. Arjun and Rajjo will take a gander at one another inwardly.

Will Rajjo and Arjun get isolated for eternity? What is the fate put away for Rajjo and Arjun ahead in the story?