Rajjo: Arjun’s heart to break at Manorama’s decision?

Star In addition to’s day to day cleanser Rajjo is preparing for more show with Manorama fixing Rajjo’s wedding with Vicky.

In the flow story, it’s seen that Pushkar shows up to return Rajjo and Manorama to their town, however Rajjo shocks him by communicating her craving to work in Lucknow and to become free. She looks for his approval to track down her and her mom a task in Lucknow. Manorama attempts to prevent Rajjo from asking help from Pushkar, yet Rajjo is unyielding.


Pushkar attempts to break Rajjo’s assurance by provoking that she is unskilled and she will not have the option to endure the outrageous intensity in production lines. Rajjo quiets down by referencing her skin is essentially as thick as Pushkar’s. Arjun consents to help Rajjo and requests that she recuperate first.

Afterward, Manorama chastens Rajjo for resisting. Rajjo protests about Manorama concealing reality with regards to her past from her. Rajjo is thrilled when Arjun finds a new line of work for Rajjo and her mother at his companion’s home. All of a sudden, Manorama declines Arjun’s proposition and brings in Nanku and Vicky.

She pronounces Rajjo’s wedding with Vicky. Arjun is stunned to hear this. While Rajjo contends with Manorama and will not wed Vicky, Arjun becomes dubious of Vicky. He questions that Vicky is concealing something.

In the impending episode, it will be seen that Rajjo will let Madhu know that she will petition God for her family, particularly for Arjun, for her entire life. Kalindi will taunt Rajjo by saying that she ought to be shipped off like a lady of the hour. Rajjo will begin strolling with Manorama towards the entry.

Rajjo will stop subsequent to crossing the entry and will pivot to check out at Arjun with sorrowful eyes. Arjun will run towards Rajjo. Madhu will close the entryway in front of Rajjo. She will then scowl at Arjun.

Is this Arjun and Rajjo’s last gathering? Once more, will Arjun and Rajjo meet? Remain tuned to this space for the most recent update on your #1 show.