Quando Rondo Denies Proposing To His 18-Year-Old Girlfriend, See Video

Quando Rondo has rejected that he proposed to his 18-year-former sweetheart over the course of the end of the week in a sweet recommendation that became a web sensation.

The 23-year-old rapper is settling on the big choices with regards to life as he got down on one knee and proposed to his better half. Quando Rondo should be visible getting on his knee and holding his sweetheart’s hand while she tastes from a soft drink cup. “It seems like everlastingly I’ve looked out for you, in a universe of disillusionment,” the rapper sings to the young lady.


“I’m going to see about getting married,” he tells different people in what resembles a kitchen prior to going to his better half and saying, “This is love, child.”

The rapper may be youthful, however he has had brushes with death previously, and it appears to be that he is attempting to partake in his life regardless of the negative things that have occurred. Last month, the rapper endure a shooting that was estimated to be an arranged endeavor on his life.

The episode occurred at a Los Angeles service station, and keeping in mind that Quando got away with his life, his companion Lul Pab was killed. A profound Quando should have been visible shouting in dismay after the shooting. From that point forward, the rapper reported that he was dropping his banner, as he

Meanwhile, numerous virtual entertainment clients responded to the proposition, with some calling attention to that he had placed the ring on some unacceptable ring finger. The young lady in the video likewise didn’t answer the “Offer Me A Hint” rapper’s ‘will you wed me’ question, which was finished after he popped the ring on her finger.

Others, nonetheless, generally dislike the young lady’s age.

“Why she soo youthful dawg? Somewhat creep,” One individual said on Twitter. “Damn nothing extravagant ?! No flame light..no beach..but a seat n a froth cup! It’s giving an energy idk.”

“23 with a 17 year old?” one more asked, while one added, “23 with a 17 y/o is insidious way of behaving.”

It’s muddled how long Quando and his sweetheart have been together, with some proposing that they have been seeing each other while she was all the while going to secondary school. The rapper has not answered the backfire. Maybe it was that reaction from fans that provoked him to give an assertion rejecting that he is locked in.

“No entertaining sh*t I was playing in that video I’m not getting hitched I won’t ever get hitched it was only a joke that video months old,” he composed.