Phyna And Groovy Are Blamed By Chomzy For “Betraying” Beauty In BBNaija 7.

The paid for the time being film date that Big Brother set up for the housemates almost plunged into a showdown among Phyna and Chomzy.

Chomzy as of late examined the principal sentiment contention of the time with its fundamental characters, Phyna and Sweet.

Chomzy contended that the fellowship among Phyna and Sweet was an extraordinary treachery to excluded housemate Magnificence during a sincere that transformed into a quarrel with Phyna.

Phyna described conversations she had with Amaka over Excellence’s disposition toward Awesome with all due respect. What’s more, Sweet said that he owed Excellence no “faithfulness” following their vital squabble, which prompted her disposal from the opposition. Review that in the primary seven day stretch of the time, Excellence and Cool started dating. Be that as it may, Excellence’s forceful way of behaving and absurd envy demolished their adoration.

Because of how things finished with Cool and the excluded glamorous lady, a few housemates, remarkably Doyin, have shown their hesitance to join the Sweet and Phyna transport.