Palace Reveals The Current State Of Alaafin’s Wives After 4 Months, According To Oyo Tradition

The royal residence of the late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, has uncovered the present status of the lord’s spouses four months and ten days after his downfall.

A post shared on the authority page of the Alaafin of Oyo caught the late ruler’s spouses during the 51st crowning celebration commemoration of the ruler. The photographs were joined by a grieving subtitle that uncovered the condition of the ruler’s spouses.

As per the post, the spouses of the late Alaafin are as yet grieving the ruler, the demonstration is in accordance with Yoruba culture and customs of the Oyo Empire.

“Gbogbo wa la mama ditan. It’s. 4months, 10days of grieving for Ayabas in accordance with Yoruba Culture and Tradition of the old Oyo Empire after the takeoff of the Alaafin.

This image was taken at the 51st Coronation commemoration of Alaafin Oba Adeyemi III may our dear dad keep on finding happiness in the hereafter”.

Kemi Filani reviews that Queen Ola, one of the alienated spouses of the late ruler, made it known of his destruction shook the web.

On her confirmed Instagram, the mother of three wrote an extended profound recognition for the late lord, reviewing how smooth and great their relationship was prior to everything slumped.

The dad of my children, whom I met at a receptive age left all of a sudden. At the point when I let individuals know that the bond we offer can be compared to that of a “Siamese”, having been hitched to you at age 19, they are more that mesmerized.

We were basically best of companions however the second they had suspicions about whom your most loved was, everything slumped.

Goodness! the children and I can’t see you any longer nor talk with you any longer yet I energetically accept you are seeing us, how I wish we can in any case have a couple of words since I have a ton to tell you. I’m dispossessed of what to tell the young men particularly, Adejuwon, on the grounds that, at his age, he peruses and rides the net such a lot of that interest gets hold of him and has definitely known a ton about you.

You stay to me the best dad, educator and tutor and spouse that ever straddled the scenes.