Ooni Of Ife Old Concubine Loosing Her Cool, Waiting For Her Own Date

There is upheaval in the castle of the Ooni, as one of his supposed courtesans, Lola is flying off the handle over his hesitance to marry her.

The said mistress had been with the Ooni, before his union with Naomi, and had been fighting for his heart with his now fifth spouse, Sovereign Ronke Ademiluyi.


Blogger, Gistlover guaranteed that the supposed courtesan had been living with the Ooni for quite a while.

The post peruses, “Ooni of Ife old mistress flipping out, sitting tight for her date. Data arriving at base camp be say this woman, Lola was in Ooni of Ife life before Naomi cake ready, Na Lola and Ronke been dey share Ooni prick before Naomi came on board Lola was at that point living with Ooni for royal residence previously.

As it is presently, a nearby source let me know she is been thinking and hanging tight for her date with confidence.

Horny (Ooni) of Ife, Biko give Lola her date too ooo make d**d body no excess oooo in the mean time, another spouse is coming, she is a one I woman as well, I say na 102 wife’s we dey go seh, I dey sell structure ooo, to be Sovereign for Oonirisha castle, get your structure for my dm for shikini cash, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooooo, I come in harmony”.

Ooni marries the 6th spouse This is coming hours later, the Ooni married for the 6th time.

The customary wedding of the Ooni of Ife to his lady of the hour, Princess Temitope Adesegun hung on Monday, October 24th.

The ruler had picked an Ijebu princess, as his 6th spouse and sovereign. Photographs and recordings from the extravagant occasion advanced toward the web.

Like his past weddings, the Ooni was no place in sight, yet individuals from the castle had raged the setting to address the Lord. Peruse more here.

Ooni uncovers purposes behind wedding a few spouses Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi had uncovered why he had been wedding a few individuals throughout recent weeks.

The Ooni while marking his 48th birthday celebration and seventh crowning ordinance commemoration, had explained why he wedded Mariam Anako and the others.

The Ooni made sense of that he had a go at rolling out certain improvements however he proved unable. Perhaps alluding to his choice to keep to just a single sovereign and have mistresses, the ruler said of the customary legacy of Ile Ife, “This organization is bigger than me, past me. Individuals in this castle are more than 800, they are near 1,000. Certain individuals have been living in this royal residence for over 60 years, while some have lived here for over 80 years of age. Certain individuals are north of 100 years of age in this royal residence.

Assuming I had my direction, I attempted to challenge it however it blew right in front of me say thanks to God I’m as yet alive. An organization is wealthy in legacy, culture, and custom.”