Olivia Newton-John Is Celebrated With Small Gathering ‘Under the Stars’ One Month After Her Death

Olivia Newton-John’s legacy is living on. The late performer’s rep certifies to ET that on Wednesday, Sept. 21, in California, a little collecting happened in the Oil star’s honor.

Newton-John passed on Aug. 8 after a battle with chest infection. She was 73.


Her rep figured out that an incredibly private celebration of life was held at one of Olivia’s main external spots near her ranch with close friends and family. The night was a great celebration under the stars regarding Olivia’s life of veneration and responsibility.

Monday, Sept. 26, would have been her 74th birthday festivity, and both her Oil co-star, John Travolta, and her significant other, John Easterling, respected her through electronic diversion.

Travolta shared a photo from Oil on his Instagram Stories, fundamentally expressing, “Merry birthday my Olivia.”

Concerning Easterling, he surveyed a memory he conferred to the performer. “On one event we took the boat up to Unprecedented Guana Cay and on the return trip the breeze terminated getting, the fogs started coming in, the sea got really lopsided and become dim and subsequently the storm came,” he made.

Observing that the boat they were going on was “rolling and slamming against the waves,” he added, “Olivia got behind me holding tight as I was investigating this 23-foot-runabout with a center negotiator.”

That is what easterling shared “as quick as the whirlwind started, the breezes died down, the storm stopped, the sun punched through and the seas pivoted to that wonderful turquoise,” and that they were invited by dolphins and a rainbow.

“Olivia saw me like I was a godlike and I understood it was generally unrestrained legalism and arbitrary karma,” he continued. “As the dolphins drove us over the amazing water, under the rainbow towards the guide, we both saw the fingerprints of the powerful were by and large around this – and that is how we continued with our life.”