Okon Lagos Has Announced The Funeral Arrangements For His Late Mother

Nollywood entertainer and jokester, Ime Priest Umoh otherwise called Okon Lagos has reported the memorial service plans for his late mother, Mrs Gloria Umoh, whom he lost to the virus hands of death. The entertaining man took to his Instagram page to share a flyer of the burial service game plans of his late mother who died on the eighteenth of December 2021.

Okon Lagos expressed: “My caring mother. The most lovely, straightforward lady I know.


She passed on. Unbearably agonizing, however why should we address God? As we cover her, If it’s not too much trouble, say a request for us in this time. Much thanks to you! Well!”

Okon Lagos commitments to sell his vote, uncovers extreme value Kemi Filani News reviews that Okon Lagos stunned numerous as he promised to sell his vote.

The comic entertainer expressed that the steady kicking against selling one’s votes doesn’t concern him as his vote is available to be purchased.

He promised to sell it at the right cost, nonetheless, he would be obliging enough not to request an excessive cost. Uncovering the cost he needs, Okon Lagos said he just necessities 1,460,000.

He said, “Don’t sell your vote no worry me since I have my PVC and I will sell my vote. I will sell it at the right cost. An exceptionally thoughtful and liberal value as a result of you.

These lawmakers show up in your life once in like clockwork and come and purchase votes in the surveying unit and vanish.

“My vote I will sell and I will give my vote at a giveaway cost of 1,000 bucks every day.

There are 365 days in a year duplicated by 4 years which makes it 1460 days. 1000 bucks times 1460 is 1,460,000. That is my cost for selling my decision in favor of 4 years”.