Nuella Njubigbo radiates with joy as she vacations in style

Nollywood entertainer and business person Nuella Njubigbo has doled out a useful tidbit for her great many fans as she travels in style.

The ex of Tchidi Chikere who is at present holiday has been flooding her timetables with pictures and clasps from her get-away.

Sharing a video of her partaking in the beneficial things of life, Nuella encouraged her fans to continuously pardon themselves, put stock in themselves and decide to cherish themselves.

As indicated by her, these are the best presents one could get.

Since Nuella Njubigbo passed on her union with film maker Tchidi Chikere, the mother of one has been transmitting with euphoria.

The entertainer who sought legal separation from her maker spouse, Tchidi Chikere, of 7 years in 2021 had left many in stunningness of her post-separate from look.

Nuella had gotten bunches of affection from her fans and darlings for leaving her harmful marriage.

A large number of her fans noticed how the entertainer had been sparkling, sparkling, and having some good times since leaving her marriage.

Nuella Njubigbo had shared a TikTok video where she was lipsynching to an Igbo tune.

Her excellence and gleam up grabbed the eye of her fans, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to hail her.