Nicki Minaj Defends JT From Critics After Making Her Recite Diss Track

Nicki Minaj put a spotlight on JT to discuss her past diss track coordinated at the Sovereign’s rapper, and fans are as yet irritated with the City Young ladies rapper.

Well before she was included on the “Very Freaky Young lady” remix, JT was one of those rappers who were on Minaj and her fans’ boycott for a diss track she had made about Minaj. On Sunday, the two rappers were on Instagram Live when Nicki raised the obvious issue at hand after JT said Nicki was one of her godlike objects.

The rappers had all the earmarks of being feeling great until Nicki Minaj got some information about the tune, “… diss records about me when you were in the vehicle. How that melody go? Rap that melody at this moment,” Nicki told JT. JT additionally obliged her, “Nicki can’t rap no f***ing beat.

She ain’t even from the roads,” JT said then added that she didn’t have the foggiest idea about the other verses. Nonetheless, Minaj nudged her to proceed.

“Nicki can’t rap no f***ing beat. She ain’t even from the roads. I’m a drop you like a sack of food,” JT added.

In the interim, devotees of Minaj were not satisfied with JT and the verses with many getting down on her and some in any event, contradicting Minaj for expressing the supposed desire for peace to her and putting her on one of the biggest tracks of her profession.

JT anyway got down on fans for attempting to make the entire trade negative. “You all so hallucinating EYE needed to rehash the melody I made in my vehicle! and we was Giggling the entire live like a telephone convo… ..we discussed in a real sense everything and it was allll snickers,” she said.

In different tweets, she likewise said that the diss was a free-form from 2017 which she didn’t recollect.

In spite of the reactions, Nicki Minaj tweeted her help for JT and vowed to keep on supporting her.

“Man f*** these DUDS, darling. Everybody on the live Realizes how DOPE it was from beginning2end. We were havin fun, bein senseless. It’s a lil free-form she was really MAKING UP All things being equal IN HER Vehicle,” she said. “Since you all keep tryin to pull her down, ima go Frantic hard for her. WATCH,” Minaj added.

Recently, Nicki Minaj had said that she won’t work with the City Young ladies as a result of their past diss track.

Back in February, Minaj said in a Morning Hustle interview that Minaj had said that albeit the ladies were skilled, she won’t work with them in view of their past remarks.

“… a couple of years prior, I saw a video of them and I asked somebody in their group at the time about them… I was contemplating bouncing on one of their records that were out,” Minaj said as she referred to a Morning meal Interview where the two specialists said they were group Cardi (in a problem with Nicki Minaj).

“I’m not going to out to supper any longer since now I realize I like you however you could do without me so you know that is only a human method for feeling on the off chance that you hear someone was expressing things about you one thing as well as rehashed things, rehashed tweets for a really long time,” Minaj added.