“My Son Wishes To Have A Younger Brother.” Mercy Johnson Okojie Laments

Leniency Johnson Okojie, a Nollywood entertainer, has communicated her disappointment with her child’s consistent tension.

The mother of four took to Instagram to vent about how her child has been forcing her to give him a child brother.


Kindness Johnson, ever the comic mother, expressed that she advised him to make the Essence of God his brother.

“Henry demands a child brother.” My child, the Essence of God is your aide, father, brother, and companion… ”

Kindness Johnson has recently communicated her disappointment with the strain to have more youngsters.

As his significant other commended her 37th birthday celebration, the entertainer’s better half petitioned God for additional kids.

Kindness had posted a video of her family and brother-parents in law who had come to praise her birthday.

They supplicated and sang for the mother of four, who was seen playing with her youngsters and kissing her significant other.

Leniency Johnson’s significant other, who closed the request, requested more children while holding up his hand to address his better half’s pregnancy.

She stated, “My parents in law are awesome… .in addition, watch the finish to see what hubby petitions God for.”

This is amazing on the grounds that Kindness Johnson uncovered in 2020 that she needed more youngsters in the wake of having four lovely kids.

The mother of four, who had recently brought forth a child young lady, was shot stroking her better half and proclaiming her craving to have more kids, regardless of the way that she still couldn’t seem to start conceiving an offspring. “I’d like one more.” I never at any point start sef.”