Molly Kaminski & Kenzie Mycek Car Accident – Lancaster NY

Molly Kaminski was a teenager who lost her life in a recent car accident in Lancaster, NY. The cause of the car accident is ascertained to be reckless driving. She was not the only person to lose her life in that car accident. Her 19-year-old friend Kenzie Mycek was also present in the car at the time of the accident and died from it.

According to the reports, they were driving in their car at a huge speed and lost control over it. Their car collapsed with two trees before coming to a halt. The collapse of the car with the trees was so strong that the first tree was shattered into several pieces. The car stopped after hitting the second tree and caught fire.

The people who saw the accident called the fire department and ambulance without wasting any time. However, Kaminski and Mycek were severely damaged in the accident and died before they could be taken to the hospital. Many people on the internet have expressed their grief about the untimely death of the two teenagers who had their whole future ahead.

Many people on the internet have also paid their condolences to the family of the two teenagers who lost their lives in the unfortunate car accident. The recent car accident in Lancaster has also sparked a serious discussion about the importance of spreading awareness about road safety. People who ignore the road safety guidelines and drive recklessly put their and other people’s lives in danger.

Kenzie Mycek’s father, Mitchell Mycek has created a gofundme page in memory of the two teens who lost their lives in the Lancaster car accident. People can donate money to National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving) NFTSD by going to the gofundme page. The initial target was to generate an amount of $4,000 through the gofundmepage. However, the total amount donated has exceeded $24,000 and is still increasing.