Michelle Eason Missing – Know More

People last saw Michelle Eason in September 1997 in Poughkeepsie, New York. She was last in the Main Street area. Officials received a missing person report about Eason on October 9, 1997. Several other women from the same area had vanished from October 1996 to August 1998. Many of them practiced prostitution and were involved in drugs.  

In 2000, Kendall Francois was proved guilty of killing eight women. All the women were from the same Poughkeepsie area where Eason was last seen. Officials found the bodies of the killed women inside Francois’s family’s home on Fulton Avenue.

Officials did not find Eason’s body inside his family residence. As a result, the police did not charge him for her disappearance. As a condition of his plea agreement, Francois agreed to help the officers investigate the disappearance of Eason.

Francois claims that he was not involved in the disappearance of Eason. However, officials think that he could be linked to her missing. According to reports, he told officials that he would never admit to playing any role in the disappearance of Eason. He told them that he did not want to be linked with the killing of an African-American woman.

Several individuals investing the missing case of Eason thought that Francois killed her and disposed of her body. However, there is not sufficient evidence to back this theory. Francois told officials that he knew Eason but added that they did not share an intimate relationship. It is worth noting that other witnesses told opposite things.

Officials also think that Eason’s disappearance could be drug-related. She was living with drug dealers in an apartment before she went missing. According to a rumor, she was involved in stealing drugs and was killed in retribution.

Officials questioned Eason’s boyfriend regarding her disappearance. He thought that drug dealers killed his girlfriend and threw her body in a river. Officials asked him to take a polygraph test, but he refused. He told officials that he was taking some medication that could affect the test results.

When she went missing, Eason did not have a credit card, driver’s license, or bank account. Eason has a young daughter. Officials have still not been able to solve the case of her mysterious disappearance. 

 Anyone with the information regarding the whereabouts of Michelle Eason is encouraged to call the Poughkeepsie Police Department, Dutchess County Poughkeepsie, New York, at (845) 451-4000. The informant can also e-mail the information to: nysvicap@troopers.ny.gov