Micheal Blackson Net Worth 2022: Age, Family Career & More

Micheal Blackson Net Worth 2022

Micheal Blackson is a Liberian Ghanaian actor and comedian who has an estimated net worth of around $2million. He has made a thriving career in the world of comedy and makes use of references to his own and African American life to narrate comedy with the Ghanaian accent. His professional career began when he was captivated for comedy and started to perform in the comedy club located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1992.

Life in the early years

Jafari Ferguson was born the 28th of November 1972 at Tamale, Ghana. After 1987, Blackson relocated to the United States of America, at the age of 15. Prior to making the move to the United States, he spent several years living in Ghana as well as Monrovia. Blackson was interested in acting and comedy since his early years. Both of his parents were employed in theater companies. The person who inspired him to do the comedy act came from Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy’s unending motivation and enthusiasm drove him to perform his first ever performance at the comedy club in Philadelphia. He continued to perform at a variety of comedy events including his 1992 USA Comedy Central Tour, Schlitz Malt Comedy Tour, 1993 which was held at Valley Forge, and in 1996, at the Urban Comedy Festival, New York.


Blackson also appeared in a variety of local comedy clubs during the beginning of 2000, such as Oakland’s Bay Area Black Comedy Competition ‘ and Atlanta’s ‘Laffapolooza Comedy Festival’. His popularity and success earned him a film comedy where he was a part of Ice Cube’s NextFriday as the ‘Angry Africa Man which was produced by Cubevision. Blackson released his best-selling comedy CD ‘Modasucka Welcome to America which was later featured in P Diddy’s Bad Boy of Comedy, and ’30 Rock’ as well as in commercials for the Chappelle Show. He also appeared on the TBS series “Are We There Yet” in the year 2011. His most well-known films that have been box office smashes include ‘Repos’, 2007 and ‘One night in Vegas’ in 2013.

Alongside film, Blackson also starred in several music videos like appearing on BET show, The Monique Show, and Akon’s MV “Wakonda”. Blackson also appeared on one of the most famous comedy series Wild ‘n’ Out which he appeared on in seasons 8,10,12 and 15.

In his discussion of his style of comedy He draws on examples from his own life in Ghana to create the comedy scripts. He is a hit with everyone because of his diversified style of comedy that is relatable to the everyday lives of people. Even though he’s exhausted by performing multiple tours in a row and pursuing his passion, he remained true to his beliefs and was able to keep performing without breaks. Comedy is a challenging business to break into, Blackson kept believing in himself even through his rough times. His talent and charisma made him the person he is today in the comedy industry.

Personal Life

Michael Blackson has three children from previous relationships. His son, Micheal Jr., is his oldest. Micheal Jr. as well as twins Noah and Niko. Michael is extremely strict about the identities of his children and avoids putting his children in the media. He wishes for them to lead an ordinary life and maintains the privacy of his children. He is careful to keep his private life from the public sphere and takes the wellbeing of his family members on the highest priority.

His relationship with his wife is in flux because he’s dated a variety of women throughout the years. He began an affair with Grammy-nominated singer Georgia Reign. The couple dated for a time but then split up. Blackson also had a relationship with Victoria Kimani but they also separated. He is currently involved in a relationship with Miss Rada and is believed to have made a proposal to the social media superstar.


His wealth is comprised of a large quantity of tangible items including extravagant gold chains to expensive automobiles. The income he earns doesn’t just come from his comedy shows , but also commercials and music videos. He has several luxury vehicles like MINI Countryman, BMW F06, Rolls Royce Wraith, as well as a high-end sports car Fisker Karma.

Blackson is among the comedians who remained constant in his work and never failed to please the audience. He was among the rare comedians to be held on when many of the upcoming comedians were dismissed. He earned fame and fortune through hard work and determination.


At the time of the year 2022 Micheal Blackson’s wealth is about $2 million. Micheal has also been a screenwriter, which implies he has a remarkable talent in writing comedy scripts. This is one of the reasons Micheal is likely to attract a lot of attention and enjoy an excellent fortune.