Meghan Marohn Missing: Is She Found?

Meghan Marohn is a 42-year-old Bethlehem woman who has been missing since last Sunday. She teaches English at Shaker High School. People last saw her on Saturday, when she went to Stockbridge. Her car was found on the next day at Longcope Park Hiking Trails. Authorities have been continuously looking for her in and around the 46-acre park around which her car was located.

However, they have not found any relevant clues about what happened to Marohn. On Friday, authorities held a news conference where they shared their reports on the search for Meghan Marohn. The District Attorney of Berkshire, Andrea Harrington told the media that officials are conducting a search-and-rescue operation to find Marohn.

Officials do not suspect that foul play was involved in the disappearance of Meghan Marohn. They speculated that no crime was committed because of the lack of evidence that may suggest the occurrence of crime. Marohn is 5-feet-6-inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. She is a white woman with green eyes and auburn hair.

The search and rescue operation conducted to find Marohn involves an enormous amount of resources. The search team is using Sate police drones and K-9 units to search for the missing woman. The search team is focusing their efforts on finding Marohn about two squire miles from where her car was discovered.

Officials are declining the help of the public in the search and rescue operation as they believe it could make finding Marohn more difficult. The search of the area around the park where Marohn’s car was found is proving difficult due to the extremely thick ground of the park. However, police are determined to find Marohn.

They said that they will not stop the search and rescue operation until they find out what happened to Marohn. Marohn loves hiking, and it may not have been uncommon for her to go for a solitary hike. Officials are trying to determine if she had any serious medical condition that could explain her sudden disappearance. Authorities are doing everything in their power to find Meghan Marohn.