Meet UFC Fighter Viviane Araujo Life Partner Catarina Lo Turco On Instagram

Viviane Araujo Gomes frequently shares photos with her soul mate, Catarina Lo Turco, on her Instagram @viviaraujomma.

Viviane is a Brazilian blended military craftsman who recently held the Pancrase strawweight title and as of now battles in the flyweight division of the UFC (UFC). She is evaluated #6 in the UFC ladies’ flyweight classification as of July 18, 2022.

Araujo burned through the majority of her initial MMA profession contending principally in Brazil and Japan. Especially for Wilderness Battle and Pancrase, where she held the title of true Pancrase strawweight champion prior to marking with the UFC.

At UFC 237, May 11, 2019, Araujo made her expert battling debut against Talita Bernardo, who assumed Melissa Gatto’s position. In the third round, she was taken out, hence choosing the match.

Full Name Viviane Araújo Gomes
Profession Mixed martial artist.
Associated With Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Division Flyweight division
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 125 lb
Team Cerrado MMA Companhia Athetica
Years active 2015–present
Date Of Birth November 21, 1986
Age 35
Place Of Birth Ceilândia, Brazil
Win-Lose 11- 4

Meet UFC Warrior Viviane Araujo Life Accomplice Catarina Lo Turco On Instagram  Viviane Araujo is in a blissful relationship with her soul mate, Catarina Lo Turco.

Catarina is accessible on Instagram @catarinaloturco, and in view of her profile, she is an expert cosmetics craftsman.

The couple initial reported their relationship through Catarina’s record back on September 28, 2020. She posted a photo of Viviane and inscribed it, saying, “We will be this from this point forward.”
They have been joyfully dating each other for over two years and give no indications of separating.

Both gladly show their adoration via online entertainment and never neglect to recognize how profoundly they are enamored. Their Instagram posts are in many cases followed by various positive remarks saluting them on their fruitful romantic tale.

Realities On Viviane Araujo Relationship And Love Life  The 35-year-old UFC star, Viviane Araujo, has been dating her accomplice, Catarina Lo Turco, as she favors ladies.  Viviane pronounced her blissful relationship with Catarina Lo Turco in 2020. It has been over a long time since they began seeing one another.  She commends her commemoration with Catarina on Walk 10 consistently.  Viviane’s accomplice Catarina praises her birthday on August 23, yet her age isn’t as yet unclear.  The UFC warrior Viviane is developing nearer to Catarina as they share a tender relationship as time passes.  Catarina and Viviane are pleased with sharing a close connection, as they have referenced in various Instagram posts.  Viviane and Catarina appear to have taken on a canine, and the three are cheerful in their lives.  She frequently visits news places and goes alongside Catarina, partaking in the best of their lives.  A few FAQs  Who Is UFC Warrior Viviane Araujo accomplice?  UFC Contender Viviane Araujo accomplice is Catarina Lo Turco who is a cosmetics craftsman.  How long Have UFC Warrior Viviane Araujo Been Seeing someone?  UFC Contender Viviane Araujo have been seeing someone over 2 years starting around 2022.