Maya Hawke Strips Down to Her Calvins in New Campaign

It’s Calvins or nothing for More abnormal Things star Maya Hawke.

The entertainer and vocalist stars in Calvin Klein’s freshest mission, Calvins or Nothing, shot by Dim Sorrenti.

In every one of her highly contrasting photographs, Hawke is wearing an assortment of CK clothing, including an exemplary cut along with a raised current outline.

Hawke wears a combination of bras and clothing, including the exemplary dark bra and clothing with the white CK banding.

She likewise wears a ribbon bra with a touch of provocativeness, as well as a weave sans wire bra intended for solace.

The photographs are shot in ordinary Calvin Klein design, with Hawke looking easily cool and provocative.

Hawke, 24, who is the little girl of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, joins an extensive rundown of CK stars who have likewise stripped down to their Calvins for a mission. Last year, Pete Davidson and Automatic weapon Kelly took everything off for a CK Instagram Live for a shameless piece of tomfoolery.

During the live stream, Davidson and Kelly appeared to flippantly take part in a hot photoshoot wearing their Calvin Klein briefs.

In the video, the pair originally alternated presenting on a white love seat.

Davidson relaxed across the love seat with his jeans around his knees, making sense of, “I planned to go for one of these. Be extremely relaxed about it.”

The two men then, at that point, presented together, including one where Davidson roosted on the sofa as Kelly emptied popcorn into his mouth.

Simply last month, Kate Greenery’s girl, Lila Greenery, featured in a Calvin Klein promotion of her own, where she re-made her mother’s well known crusade.

Shot and coordinated by Alasdair McLellan, the mission caught Lila in present day at this point exemplary outfits.

For one look, she wore a dark tank top with hip-embracing pants that uncovered the belt of her CK logo underpants.

Her second once-over was raised with a transparent dark conservative layered over a bra styled with dark pants.

As verified in an explanation from the brand, the pictures “gesture to the stripped-back pictures the brand is known for, catching every ability’s actual certainty.”

Do Vengeance star Hawke, who is a carbon copy of her mom, burst onto the scene in season 3 of More unusual Things subsequent to clearing her own particular manner in the business. She told The Watchman last year that her folks urged her to find her own hard working attitude as opposed to taking on little parts in their activities.

“They were careful about the public life side of acting and the troubles of that. They additionally attempted to safeguard me from falling into acting,” she said.

“They needed to guarantee I had a sufficient spine, my own enthusiasm for itself and hard working attitude.

They would have rather not trucked me along each honorary pathway or have me do bit-parts in their motion pictures.”

“When I was mature enough, and it was clear they were my decisions, they were exceptionally steady,” she said.