Marvel’s Armor Wars’ Story Will Follow Directly On From Secret Invasion

Chances are you’ve proactively watched the trailer for Wonder’s Mysterious Attack, which sees Samuel L. Jackson’s Scratch Fierceness clashing against a force of Skrulls who have been turning out secret for a seriously lengthy timespan. As well as the new film and examine the show at the ongoing year’s Disney D23 Exhibition, we moreover found that the series’ story will lead straight into the long-organized Shield Wars show.

The series, which stars Wear Cheadle as James Rhodes (Otherwise known as War Machine), is still generally a mystery concerning plot, yet there has been talk about Rhodes finding people who have taken variation of his late sidekick Tony Distinct’s tech.

With Cheadle showing up as Rhodes in the Mysterious Attack trailer, we can totally see how this appears to be OK. Likewise, might we anytime see various cross breeds from Intrusion? It’s possible, but we’re mulling over whether Ironheart’s Riri Williams (played by Dominique Thorne) could similarly show up.

Nothing past the Attack affiliation is concrete yet, but we truth be told do understand that Reinforcement Wars – at first announced way back on Disney+ Day in 2020 – will feature six episodes and is a result of start shooting one year from now.