Luann de Lesseps Calls Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Pathetic’ New Podcast a ‘Desperate Search for a Storyline’

Luann de Lesseps will not be buying into Bethenny Frankel’s webcast any time soon. The Genuine Housewives of New York City alum, 57, considered her previous costar’s impending ReWives rewatch webcast about the Bravo establishment “a frantic situation” after Frankel, 52, declared the new pursuit on Friday.

“All things considered, I feel that she’s attempting to snatch the acclaim of Housewives to make all the difference for her storyline,” she expressed Friday on the Everything Famous with Danny Pellegrino digital broadcast. “It seems like a frantic quest for a storyline for herself, and she’s blamed everything on Housewives multiple times.

“I recall at a certain point, she wouldn’t actually agree that the word ‘Housewives,’” said de Lesseps.

“So a disappointed Housewife completing a Housewives digital recording, I don’t think anyone needs to pay attention to.” De Lesseps noticed that the Skinnygirl tycoon has reduced most, if not all, connection with the establishment following her exit from RHONY after season 11 of every 2019 and habitually “s- – – s on the show” since her takeoff.

“That implies she’s going to s- – – on us on her little webcast about the Housewives. It’s really miserable and regrettable that she needs to fall back on Housewives as a result of every last bit of her bombed turns since the Housewives,” De Lesseps added. “She’s had a go at everything other than Housewives and it doesn’t appear to work, and presently she’s returning to Housewives.”

Frankel recently prodded the web recording to Individuals, asserting that she would rather not go over the show: “We don’t dive into that region.

I needed to do a rewatch webcast, yet I would have rather not accomplished something subordinate. I would simply not liked to rewatch a show, scene by scene.

“So I thought ‘How is it that I could do this in a fascinating manner?’ — not simply having another Housewife discuss it to me as others do, yet rather digging further,” Frankel proceeded.

“So truly about the genuine elements are happening under, which I find to me more fascinating in any case, and not the easy pickins garbage that others detract from it.”

In spite of the fact that Frankel said she was approached to get back to the establishment with the impending RHONY: Heritage, de Lesseps doesn’t see it working out.

“No, I don’t believe there’s an existence where we really want Bethenny or truly need to see her on the show,” she said on Everything Famous. Frankel, who has remained occupied with her cocktail adventures and philanthropic work, said last year that she “was in a real sense [on RHONY] due to the cash” and she eventually left since it was “simply not what I needed to do any longer.”

“I left since it became not who I truly was any longer, and you can’t accomplish something out of dread,” Frankel said on Paris Hilton’s This Is Paris web recording in April 2021, adding: “I would have rather not been had those discussions; I would have rather not been quarreled over things that truly don’t make any difference to me.”