Louis Cato Announced As New Bandleader For Stephen Colbert, Here Is What We Know About Him

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert reported on August 12 that his late-night show would have another band chief named Louis Cato, supplanting the previous band pioneer, Jon Batiste.

Colbert shared that his previous band pioneer and fan number one, Jon Batiste passed on the show to follow his energy and seek after his music vocation.


Louis Cato: Stephen Colbert’s New Bandleader Louis Cato is a multi-instrumental performer who as of late gotten the Late Show together with Stephen Colbert as the new bandleader of the show, and the show’s host has only commendation for his new bandleader.

Colbert portrayed Louis as a melodic virtuoso saying, “He can play each instrument on that stand around there. Give him an evening, and he’ll figure out how to play Mozart on a shoehorn.”

Cato has been playing drums since the age of two and has now figured out how to play bass, low metal, guitar, percussion, and more instruments while likewise being a performer.

Louis Cato’s appearance on The Late Show isn’t his most memorable appearance, as he has worked with Stephen in the past without even a trace of his previous bandleader, Jon Batiste as the break bandleader back in 2015 for the band, Stay Human.

Stephen perceived the gifted man and, on August 12, 2022, reported that he would join the show as the new bandleader, officially taking over on September 6.

Louis is a Portuguese performer who experienced childhood in the States in North Carolina and gone to music school at the Berklee College of Music for two semesters. He delivered his most memorable performance record in 2016, named Starting Now, under the RSVP record mark.

Cato is more into the jazz and R&B class of music and delivered a collection named Mirrors in 2020 and is set to deliver one more collection called Reflections in 2022, which he reported is in after creation.

Who Is The Late Show Band’s Bandleader’s Girlfriend, Gisela João? The new bandleader of the Late Show Band, Louis Cato, was dating one more artist named Gisela Joao who he worked with in the band The Mirrors during the arrival of his most memorable jazz supergroup collection.

Right now, the two are not seen together on their web-based entertainment, which persuades his fans to think that the couple split recently. Yet, Louis and Gisela lived respectively during the start of the pandemic in Lisbon.

Louis Cato and his previous sweetheart, Gisela, even have a solitary together from their collection Mirrors named ‘The Call.’ Gisela is a Portuguese vocalist gaining practical experience in the Fado sort, which depicts the noteworthy 1820s music of Portugal. The two made an extraordinary group with Louis’ gospel and contemporary Christian kinds and interest in jazz.

Cato’s previous sweetheart is most popular as an independent mediator who deciphers melodies and sonnets, giving proper respect to a few tremendous names in the business like Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Violeta Parra, and some more.

Joao rose to global notoriety and proceeded to live show visits overall in 2014; after her presentation in 2013 and became well known in the music business.

Louis Cato’s Net Worth In 2022
Louis Cato’s total assets is ventured to be around $2 million out of 2022, with his appearance in Cobert’s late show as the band chief and his profit as a performer.

Cato has been in the music business for quite a while, and in spite of the fact that he just hit the spotlight from the late show band, he has been filling in as a vocalist, maker, and multi-instrumentalist.

The new bandleader of the late show has another collection in after creation and has previous collections delivered, alongside having worked with big names like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and John Legend, to give some examples.

Louis Cato And His New Band Members Louis Cato is assuming control over the Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s band supplanting Jon Batiste as the band chief, yet the capable musician will go along with him and renaming the band, The Late Show Band.

Cato’s musicians incorporate Joe Saylor, Negah Santos, Endea Owens, Louis Fouche, and Jon Lampley. Being a multi-instrumentalist, the pioneer can play practically every one of the instruments, however he will be adhering essentially to electric and acoustic guitar and bass for the show with his band.

With respect to the next musicians, Joe Saylor will be on drums and vocals, Negah Santos on vocals and percussion, Endea Owens on bass, Louis Fouche will be liable for the saxophone, and Jon Lampley on trumpet and tuba.

Louis Cato and his new musicians will forever take over as the new house band of the late show calling themselves The Late Show Band beginning September of 2022.