Leopard kills 16-month-old toddler in Mumbai

Mumbai, Oct 24 (IANS) In a stunning misfortune on Diwali day, a panther destroyed a 16-month-old young lady at the Aarey Province, and she died later at a BMC emergency clinic, authorities said.

Affirming the episode, Sanjay Gandhi Public Park Chief G. Mallikarjun said it occurred around 6 a.m. at the Unit No. 15 inside the forested Aarey Settlement in Goregaon east.


A panther jumped on and genuinely harmed the person in question, Eitika Akhilesh Part, even as local people raised a caution.

The draining and truly hurt kid was raced to the Seven Slopes Clinic however she capitulated to her wounds soon a short time later.

At the hour of the occurrence, she was purportedly going to a neighborhood sanctuary alongside her mom.

Subsequent to playing out a post-mortem examination, the little child’s body was given over to her distressed family which finished the last rituals later in the day, even as the police are testing the matter.

Shaken by the misfortune, the woods specialists said they have introduced 12 camera traps in the space of episode to screen the panther developments and watching has begun from the Sanjay Gandhi Public Park alongside Aarey volunteers gatherings.

By virtue of Diwali, numerous youngsters would have a ball in the open spaces, illuminating wafers, and the SGNP staff are interesting to individuals to practice alert and not permit the children to wander outside during night or early morning.

This is the second episode of its sort in Aarey State in October and recently, a 4-year-old kid was gone after and killed by a panther during the Navratri celebration, and around twelve people have endured panther assaults in the beyond one year.