Lea Michele Tests Positive For COVID-19 And Will Miss 10 Days Of ‘Funny Girl’

Lea Michele will legitimately be out of Interesting Young woman – – for 10 days – – directly following testing positive for Coronavirus. On Sunday, the 36-year-old granted the message to her fans through her Instagram Stories. “Unfortunately, I have legitimately attempted positive for Coronavirus,” she created.

“In following creation show, I can’t return to the theater for 10 days. Luckily staying at home today and getting this early shielded such incalculable people from our association from being uncovered. Fascinating Young woman has been regardless of everything is taking care of a titanic surge of Coronavirus with close to twelve association people at present out.”


Michele added, “We are for all intents and purposes on the contrary side of this and doing truly awe-inspiring work to keep our show on its feet. This week has been a little look at paradise and I can scarcely hold on to get back – you better get ready. See you soon.”

Michele’s message comes a day after she shared that she had an “questionable trial result” and that she was experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus.

“I’m squashed to communicate that in view of early signs and symptoms of Coronavirus and an unsure exploratory result – due to the creation’s prosperity shows I’m not allowed to play out the current shows,” she formed on Instagram.

“I will test from here on out and will learn about the forthcoming execution soon. Julie will crush it today as Fanny – like all of our surprising understudies who have pushed ahead so irrefutably this week while we battle an uncommonly outrageous Coronavirus discharge up in our theater.”