Kunle Afolayan Claims That Netflix Wants Him To Produce The ‘Anikulapo’ Series.

The notable web-based feature Netflix, as per Kunle Afolayan, is constraining him to turn his latest hit film, Anikulapo, into a TV series.

In spite of his craving to transform the film into a TV program, he guaranteed that Netflix encouraged him to initially make a film, and on the off chance that it was effective, a series would be made. Afolayan expressed this in a meeting with the Gatekeeper UK, which was distributed on Friday.


“I’ve been chipping away at Anklápó for a considerable length of time,” the movie producer made sense of.

Initially, I wanted to make a series, yet I adjusted my perspective in the wake of hearing that this film would be bigger than Round of Privileged positions.

“In the long run, Netflix advised me to make a film first since I accepted so emphatically in the task, and in the event that it was a triumph, we’d foster a series.”

The Netflix unique series ‘Anikulapo,’ set in the seventeenth century antiquated Oyo realm, debuted on September 30, 2022.

Seven days after its delivery, the film turned into Netflix’s most-watched non-English film, with 8.7 million streaming hours.

“The present moment, Netflix is encouraging me to start creation on the series.”

“I realized we made an extraordinary film and that it would start discussions, however I had no clue it would do as well as it has,” Afolayan said.