Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun finds locker key

Episode starts with Srishti lets Arjun know that she recollects Karan while conversing with him. Arjun expresses gratitude toward her for cherishing Karan to such an extent. He says that Srishti would have been Karan’s most loved on the grounds that she is so adorable. He is sorry to her for going into her room. She lets him know that he really want not to apologize and he can go into her room since he is her number one. She demands him to not get Preeta wrong. She says that Preeta should get Karan’s energies from Arjun that is the reason Preeta behaves that way. She lets him know that Preeta don’t can’t stand him. She requests that he not can’t stand Preeta. He leaves from that point without saying anything.

Srishti lets Anjali know that she recognized love easily for Arjun. She requests that she not love Arjun on the grounds that the last option don’t match Arjun. She says that Preeta and Arjun are wonderful pair. Anjali advises her that Preeta is a hitched lady and leaves from that point. Srishti laments for saying like that. She lets herself know that Preeta is Rishabh’s better half and how might she say that. In the mean time, Rishabh look through safe storage key. Arjun ponders that why Rishabh looks irate. He asks him that what occurred. Rishabh lets him know that he is looking through safe storage key. Arjun finds safe storage key and he gives it to Rishabh. Rishabh says thanks to him and leaves from that point.


Sherlyn conceals seeing Luthras. Prithvi lets himself know that Arjun is twofold looked without a doubt. He says that Arjun slapped him for Preeta. He contemplates whether Arjun truly succumbed to Preeta. He says that Preeta simply has a place with him so he won’t allow Arjun to meander around Preeta. Arjun requests that Anjali not meddle in his own life for few days. Anjali lets him know that she is associated with his own life. They leaves from that point. Prithvi hears their discussion. He lets himself know that Anjali love Arjun however Arjun moving towards Preeta.

Rishabh attempts to open the protected storage however key gets broken. Preeta says that now they can open the protected storage with secret key as it were. Rakhi says that main Karan knows the secret phrase. Preeta requests that Rishabh follow through with something. She requests that Kavya not get terrified. Rishabh calls Vijay and he illuminates him about key issue.

Kareena and Janki battles with one another before Dadi. Arjun sees Sherlyn. He feels that Sherlyn is there also implies she and Prithvi wanting to follow through with something. He makes her fall. Anjali holds Sherlyn. She is sorry to her in the interest of Arjun. Sherlyn leaves from that point. Anjali asks Arjun that what was that. Arjun enlightens her concerning Sherlyn. She advises him that Rishabh and Preeta are hitched. She says that he don’t have anything to do with Prithvi and Sherlyn. He tells her that he can’t take off from the house on the grounds that Prithvi and Sherlyn are in the house and their aims are bad. That’s what srishti hears. She ponders that why Prithvi and Sherlyn returned.

Rishabh goes out to organize key. Arjun and Srishti goes along with him. Then again, Preeta lets Kavya know that she is with her. Beeji requests that God save Kavya. Mahesh requests that Rakhi not cry. Preeta advises Kavya to appropriately relax. Arjun asks Rishabh that what occurred. Srishti additionally asks Rishabh that what occurred. Rishabh requests that they quiet down. He says that Kavya is secured in the protected storage. They gets stunned hearing him.