Korra Obidi Cries Out Bitterly Over Daughter June’s Dismissal From School, Drags Ex-Husband Justin Dean

Nigerian vocalist and artist Korra Obidi, who lives in the US, has communicated her distress over the rejection of her most memorable youngster, June Dignitary, from school inferable from a head injury.

Review that when Justin Dignitary, Korra’s better half, uncovered their approaching separation via virtual entertainment, things began to go south for the couple.


The separated from couple, who have two youngsters together, have found a technique to co-parent by sticking to a court request that orders shared guardianship of the kids.

The vocalist went on Facebook Live on Monday and brutally portrayed how her most memorable girl, June, was sent away from school by the teachers who noticed a head injury on her head.

The vocalist has been away from her newborn children for seven days on a music visit.

The artist guaranteed that prior to sending the artist class kickoff, she was expected to initially get a clinical report.

Korra went on by putting the obligation regarding their kids’ imprudence during her nonappearance on her separated from spouse Justin.