Kiddwaya Believes That Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies

The famous reality star, Kiddwaya has thought that ladies despise one another and maintain that different ladies should be single and hopeless.

The ex-BBNaija housemate expressed this in a post on his Twitter page on how he accepts that ladies disdain each other.

This comes after his sweetheart made a video of him and posted it on her TikTok page.

In it, she had requested his perspective on her new dress; apparently occupied, he had just told her that it was great.

Ladies, nonetheless, took to her remark segment to encourage her to dump him for not treating her as in a serious way true to form.

Following this, he took to his Twitter page to express that ladies are their own more regrettable foes.

Sharing a video on his Instagram page, he further tended to the dubious video by expressing that ladies are continuously attempting to make different ladies single and hopeless.