Kelly Ripa Laughs About Husband Mark Consuelos Trying to Teach Her and Her Mother, 81, to Meditate

Kelly Ripa revealed her husband Mark Consuelos’ meditation lessons didn’t go exactly as planned. During an appearance on Dear Media’s Dear Gabby podcast, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-have, 52, said it was “fascinating to watch” her husband’s new attempt to get her 81-year-old mother Esther to attempt meditation.

“He was trying to teach my mother to meditate,” she told have Gabby Bernstein.

“And he has this app on his phone that is really great for him when he travels or when he is on the road and he simply wants to… ground himself.”

“He was really trying to teach my mother to meditate with this app and my mother started arguing with the voice of the app and it was interesting to watch,” she added. In any case, the television personality realized it very well may be a difficult task to teach her mother the self improvement practice, saying, “There’s certain things you’re not gonna penetrate. Not in their eighties.”

Ripa admitted that she also attempted to learn mindfulness procedure when her husband introduced it to her.

“At the point when Mark was first trying to inspire me to learn how to meditate, I said to him, ‘My brain is excessively noisy, I just can’t make it happen.’

And I had a really hard time with it, I was really uneasy [and] squirmy,” she recalled. “And I said, ‘It’s not working. It’s simply not working.’

And he said, ‘Each time your mind floats away, you are meditating. Each time you pull yourself back in, each time you continue telling yourself that it’s not working, you’re meditating.’”

“And he goes, each time you go for a run, you are meditating. Each time you take a dance class, you are meditating,” she continued.

“He resembles these things that you give yourself this time, that you allow yourself to do what you wanna do, and you’re not so inside your own head. You are meditating.”

Ripa said her husband allowed her to see that she ponders “a great deal” however “it may not be conventional, yet it is a form of meditation.”

In addition to mediation, Ripa recently opened up to Individuals about how therapy has helped her, specifically with regards to unpacking years of anxiety.

“I learned that there’s a certain amount of narcissism that is necessary to make due, healthy narcissism. And I was like, what does that try and mean? That’s an oxymoron,” she said.

“And [my therapist] was like, it’s actually not. Healthy narcissism allows you to live, make safe decisions, breathe, those kind of things.

And she’s like, that’s something worth being thankful for to have. In any case, thinking that you can single-handedly fix everything, that’s where it digs into, you’re not that important.”

“My therapist really was so smart and still is so smart and taught me that I’m not that important in the grand plan of things.

That no is the healthiest word out there really with regards to decision making,” Ripa continued.

“And she really taught me exactly how to be a superior self advocate, how to think of things in an alternate way. Instructions to really, genuinely understand that while encountering someone that is harmful, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. And once you start thinking about that, it really reframes the image for you.”

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